Sanctuary of the Mind in thought!

From my mind real estate, to your minds playground, the question is how does, one get a second chance to make a first impression. Next, to whom are we making this impression? One assumes that everyone is smarter about something, than the listener or reader; we all know something the other does not. We are also told that an assumption is the mother or the birth of failure, now you have a reason for listening.

"Lessons are all around us, if we're willing and want to learn from them." Saith I Spiritual Architect

Today arrives early and the sun is on its way up and is telling us, that our day is just about to begin, and we are about to face what comes with it.  All the challenges and lessons we will need to learn this day (are we ready)?

How many of us will learn something this day and have or will give thanks for it? Some will say all of us will learn something this day, but will we? Will we even remember the challenges we encounter or faced the possible message or lesson it attempted teaching us; would we ever see or hear it....again? Somewhere in our universe, some are experiencing the close of day. Was it important that which you've gotten, would you want to share it with another or pass it on to your kids? Because you believe they would gain from it...did you gain anything from it yourself?

I the writer believe that lessons come to us from many on expected place or places....only if we're looking or observing our surroundings. Like a place within a little young mind growing up with question's on facing life's decision's; that the adults around him/her, are running away from. Can you find a lesson here or is there a lesson at all in the following; this is from a questioning mind of a young that have a secret he/she had to tell or needed to share with someone who would or should listen. This person is whom he/she loves; for whatever is the secret, it is needed to be told and get a response... (Should she/he tell)? If a secret is told, will it still be a secret? We are told a secret is, is one having knowdelge of some thing another do not...hmm

Especially when one does not know how the listener will reacted or respond to what is being said......will that girl or boy be any more disappointed if and when they do speak up? Are they struggling with that unknown for nothing and should they? Will they find trust in another or within themselves? I further believe that we all know what we want out of life, within reason, no matter what is our age....the very young proves that point. They do not allow anything to stop them from growing up and dreaming of being...........?

What happen to those who have already grown up, what happen to their dreams from when they were little? Did we all stop taking "RISK" and start seeking the aid of another for their approval for the things we want? When we do not get it from another, is it because they do have it or have not gotten it themselves.  So they cannot show you how to do so, so no one get anything done at all? We stop giving ourselves permission to the hopes and dreams to help ourselves to succeed at whatever we desire.

Trust; who are we or who we can trust, can we even trust ourselves to trust another? Some where we want to also get permission from another just to do that as well. If you cannot trust yourself, then you cannot trust at all. To find trust one will need to seek out or search ones feelings, ones heart and one's mind to confirm. I believe they're our true friends, for they are always will be with us, at our side, awake or asleep always there as our best friends.

When the day cometh that we stop trusting ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts, our hearts, our minds. The first thing that goes is our minds; it goes into a state of dough or disbelief. Next is our health and the rest follows or just go along...all in a result of not trusting ourselves and our belief.

Saith I Daniel Neriah

Spiritual Architect/Bodyz Mekanix