Personal View in Passing

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As I continue to travel through the many thoughts that comes my way, on this my journey through life I notice, most would or will not talk about the following; well, not in a public arena anyway. Sometime back a few years; I was listening to a talk show on the radio. What was being discussed at the time was how we as a society are being force to participate in other people's lifestyles.

At the time I was not able to call in and voice my views on the subject, since it touches a cord, I will do it here. First I would say I do agree with some of the comments that were made on that day. The one that truly represent my view is the one that stated, we as a society should not give into those people with whom find it necessary to force the rest of society to take part in their personal choice of life or lifestyle they of chosen.

Further to that, my attitude is this, when those people were choosing, and yes choosing their lifestyle, they did not consult me or the community or the rest of society, on the matter. Further they did not ask for our approval. They just went on stating it's none of our business.

Purely by their actions alone, but now they want our acceptance (What is wrong with that picture?) They have made the choice on their own, as an individual should, stating their right to do....hum Now, they're coming and asking for recognition and for us the honor the choices they have made. Even, if I do not agree with it personally as an individual, as to my choice or right to choose. This action they're taking away my right, which was granted to me at birth.

I find these people, is very inconsiderate, to the feelings of others, and their right to choose. The lifestyle one chooses is their private business, so why do these people need the rest of society's approval? Did society send these people out to choose a lifestyle of its choice or did they come with one already and just recognizing it?

There will be many thoughts on that one. I personally do not or have the time to concern myself with someone else personal life choices. My question is this, when I am busy with another one's life, who is looking after mine? The above writing truly do not express my feeling on one particular lifestyle, as we come to know or call it, it is about any and all lifestyles that we face individually?

Saith I Bro. Daniel Neriah Spiritual Architect/Bodyz Mekanix