Nature verses Human Traditions

Question on Resolutions

The Bodyz Garden $ Mekanix Lounge on the subject of resolutions; most time it is pertained to our health, so my first question can anyone tell us how and when this thing we call resolution started?

We do know it has become, as important in our lives as breathing, sometimes more than breathing? Those of us who cater to the marketing idea, or seeking the results from it? In your household do all of you make one, and do you share it with others and why?

When do you really think about resolution, can they be use at any time of the year?

How many do you make, one and when you sit down to make them? Are they in groups of ten's or less?

How many seem to be repeated over the year and as to why?

What is your most favorite and why? Is resolution being made by all ages and at what age do you they start?

When a resolution is made, do you start right away on it, or you say to yourself, I'll just wait till the next New Year?

Do you know how much time, is spent on resolutions that never make it to the starting gate?

What have we lost in the process, and can we ever get it back...hum?

Daniel Neriah

Nature verses Human Traditions

As the cycles continues, we have just come through the last of our celebrations, that lead us into what we humans has come know as a New Year; the first of many celebrations to come following this celebration. Welcome to the year we name 2016. Is it truly a new year, what makes it new? We humans say it is, would be the first response, and with all that it brings with it as well; like another tradition, we call "Resolution". Nature as its own traditions and they are the "Four Seasons", their names as we know them, when they too arrive in our lives.So, a new year is not a New Year. Its just changing its name, like a product we cannot sell, we change the name and call it new and we buy into it...hmm

Does anything changes during that time, during the season, that is present in our, it is here, year after year, repeating the year before, and we end up right back where we started...with another, we call New Year. Something does however change; and that is the names we, call the year incoming, but does anything else? If changes are about moving forward and it is about leaving the old to something new...hum. Is this where we humans, continues to make excuses, in fooling ourselves, by calling it a new year. Nature appears to never change its four seasons, which makes up the year in the first place.

So what with the New Year thing? Are we moving forward, then why are we back to the same year and calling New Year. When we have not left the last one behind, when making resolutions that never changes, is it because we keep repeating them over and over again? We have come to know and possible believe that nature has a purpose, for keeping the four seasons, the way they are. Each one brings with it, at the time of arrival, lots of new beginnings to our live for us to enjoy, only if we want to. One thing for sure we humans like to celebrate things, could we say nature as well. We celebrate at the end, and of the beginning of the other. Nature she too, celebrates end of one such as winter, and the beginning of the other, with spring; as we are now facing and going through.

Most of us humans appears that we do not know how to honor what we say or does; one thing for sure, nature never change her mind. Like clockwork, she brings us spring, followed by summer, and then takes us into fall, and right back into winter, keeping her resolution to us guaranteed. Do we see these things from nature view point, as gifts or problems that infers with us moving forward or having fun?

Are human resolutions; has they become a tradition in just making, more than keeping them; will they ever learn from the greatest teacher...Nature herself. So Mote it Be!

Daniel Neriah