Life's Profile for Change

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Life's Profile for Change...Is a concept in action what I liked to call Simple Work..."Say what you do, and do what you say" my grandmother, love her soul she liked to say action speaks louder that voice. In other words, show me; don't tell me...leads you into Goal or a Purpose, one moving forward toward something tangible within a direction, good or bad. Daniel Neriah aka Spiritual Architect

Where do you find work today? It is the cry of today's humans at why don't we create our own work? This question, however opens up a whole can of worms, so to speak!

Here is a thought...If you are having trouble making changes for the better in your life? What if we all start to see ourselves has what is call a Company...yes a Company and to the way they operate and NOT as an individuals? All though we need to know that all Companies are just people, lots of individuals coming together to form, therefore without individuals there cannot be a Company.

However using the same rules they do to operate their lives, a company provides service in return for money with some kind of profit to continue that service? An individual today, however, could say they do the same; only they're NOT making a profit, in the traditional sense of the establish companies.

The company usually sets an income goal or profit goal, etc. that means every thing they do is to meet those goals. So if an individual would set their goals in the same manner, every thing they do should meet their goals or expectation. Therefore making a profit that may help them to enjoy life a little long and share it more with their families and Friends.

Isn't your job like a company, you are trading your time with that company or with those individual for money...something like a contract. However your rate is not set for you to make a profit to do the things you would like, in the manner you would like to? What we need is a Company's individual mind set within the individual; we all need to understand that a Company is an Individual like you, making a profit and using you to continue their service.

Let's take this a little farther; I was having another conversation on the doing of things for change. A question was being asked, why isn't there anyone like the insurance companies doing anything to stop drunk and racing drivers on our roadways...the answer came up it is not profitable.

Our lives today seems and appears to base on profitability - with the very lost of life, someone is profiting from it, it further seem it pays more to keep us suffering, than to help us out of our suffering and pain.

If a driver get's in an accident their rate goes up, so there is more money in the insurance bank. If one does kill one, whoops I got all that money no one is there to claim it, but by chance one lives we still have money to pay out to keep them still driving on.

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