Life Service Station


Committed to Supporting Life's Journey; In Repairing and Maintaining a Home for life, for Todayz People!

We invite you to come to the Garden; to Reclaim Your Body, Improve Your Health and Wealth!!! As we are helping Natures Plantation on the Journey of Life; Giving the Gift of Health ...Getting the Touch for Life. Enhancing the Lives of those we Love including Ourselves.

Stating, Be your Flower of Youth

What is the Bodyz Mekanix or who? One who assists others to arrive at a decision on a matter of concern towards a result they want to achieve or seek.  A product for your health, financial wealth healing and wellness care, sharing a philosophy and a belief, in serving all humans. From their Body, Mind, Spirit, their Spirituality to their Material needs through the Divine Mind, Law & Order.

Furthermore, we are real People and Product helping People, and Committed to Supporting Life's journey, where ever it may take you? In doing so, we are stating, It's your Health for Life? So come enter the World of the mind, The Bodyz Mekanix  & Forever Living Products. To where the Aloe Vera is here Extending Life's Warranty@ The Bodyz Garden $ Mekanix Service Station.

We say be your Flower of Youth, stay Healthy, financially Wealthy and Youthful. If you could know Tomorrow, what will you do today? TALK TO US!