L.E.E.P (Life Elixir Enhancement Products)

Sharing Making Sense of Common Sense in Universal Freedom in Health and Wealth;

We will get started by asking, are we talking about the same thing, we use to know and call Common sense? I could be talking about that, but, do we know it anymore, and if we do are we using it, in our daily lives?

I like this thing "Common Sense"; since it was introduced to me some time back, in my beginning. I believe it can be call as well, "Trusted Instinct", that is my name for it. Let say that most human and most likely all came in this world, with a general understanding of this common sense thing. Further let's not forget our belief; both are used to give us the ability to make proper decision, one may say.

What is the real reason for Common Sense, if there is one? Some say it is use to tell what to do, when facing a choice, after receiving your options. They also say that Philosophy helps you to find TRUTH, and Archeology seeks out to find FACTS, true or not, is yet to be determined.

People of today seem and appears to act on impulse or emotion, which comes from false information that is appearing real. Most making statements of correctness, without evidence, yes living by "FEAR", (False Evidence Appearing Real), as so stated. This, will not be the first time someone, another human sharing thoughts on "Financial Freedom".  However this time, this human will be voicing for a Product Line; in a manner you have not been familiar with, but will be introduce to.

We will most likely be going through the five "W's" (Who, What, Where, When, Why); over and over again as we move forward in this writing. We will start with a question, and then move to more questions. I am going to say this, where ever you live today, you most likely thinking or worrying about some degree on MONEY. I am also not talking to the ones WHO, already got so much, they do not know what they have or how much.

The, who here are mostly the majority of the rest of the human inhabitants of this earth; and you know WHO you are? The following question is for you, not to give an answer here, but for you to consider as you move forward into the reading. How do see or look at yourself? Do you compare yourself to others, and what markers are you using or going against?

What is happening to you, and yes something is, one way or another? Are you a where of the happening? Here is a point, first, you cannot think of something unless you have some previous knowledge of it. If you are reading this, most likely you should, and if you did not...where have you been?

How did you get to where you are in your life, to the things that are happening to you? There will two things mostly going on in your life, first your health, and then we have your wealth=money. For sure these two things are not going well for most, with an endless list of failures to handle, ho yes, let's not forget the blame, who is the cause?

Let see, lack of some planning, how about little or no knowledge, willingness not to accept and trust in your self-worth. Then we have the big one depending on someone else to be responsible, and through in, we will do it tomorrow, which will not come, as well as never gets done. The Master Procrastination, then shows up to seal the deal.

My story as a Plant:

From, "WHERE" my journey begins to helping humans, through what is known today by them as a "Product"? My story got its start, and that is unclear to my beginning, but to date, I was told through my main sponsor. I have been around for more than 6000 years, to possible helping human and animals. Let's get started on possible finding the "WHAT", we can do to help with fixing the happenings that is going on around us.

Resend date of truly working and helping humans, come in two forms, goes back 35 year in my present form as a product line. In aiding them, internally and externally, second in helping them to fix their financial freedom under the trade name Forever Living Products.

My representative voice here, like to refer to us as L.E.E.P (Life Elixir Enhancement Products). His trade name and serving us through, another trade call Bodyz Garden $ Mekanix Lounge. We have now come to the possible "WHY", we are having this talk; yes our "Health" and staying as well as we can? Over most of my life time living, growing and serving humans, I have come to recognize that their body has become a very precious thing. My voice will say that their body has become the only thing, the humans worth keeping for their entire life time.

He has come to believe that their lifetime is as follows; between, the time they're born and the time they die....THAT WILL BE THEIR LIFETIME!  Forever Living is a state of being, and with the use of L.E.E.P, they are stating simple WHEN and HOW, and in what CONDITION, will they die. Now to the second half to the why in question, that is our "Wealth" and the magic of that one is MONEY, the tool to pay to have the first half.

Here in this conversation, my voice states without their health they cannot have money, so my human sponsor, they come with a way to help, both sides. These set of humans took my original state "The Plant aka Aloe Vera", create what is call a product, in a drink form. From there, they now have a full line to aid their fellow humans; as they are trading with one other they also get to fix their money problem. Now we all work together helping each other, from Plant, Product, Human to Human=Money, and the cycle continues to move forward.

"WHEN", is this all taking place, NOW and as far back as we can go, and possible think?