Jumping or Crossing the Bridge

Jumping or Crossing the Bridge
A personal Note and Observation:

Over my lifetime to date or one's life, as we move toward getting older, I notice we tend to face things a bit differenty. Some ask more questions, and seek fewer answers, some just go along. Most of all, we want to rely on others for our results, in our success or failure...resulting in the lack of us taking responsibility or being accountable. If we are in a relationship or not, the real truth is, we are always in a relationship, with someone or something at any given point in our lives, awake or asleep.

You will be asking what, am I talking about; well what do we know about relationship. The truth will be endless, but, (Relationship) is according to the master of know it all's..."The Dictionary", it is a state of being related; a connection between two things or people, and the list keeps on going.

Now you will want to know what, that has to do with "Jumping off the Bridge". It is about the relationship on your thoughts. Ones relations with ones thought or their mind, that makes it real, and to the reality of action or the conformation one will take from it.

Now my readers, in your lifetime you will have already heard at least one story, real or not of someone jumping off a bridge. You will, as well may have heard someone wanting to do so; you are now going to hear it again. Over my lifetime I have spoken of it many times. Now the question is why I have not done it. I will give a partial list to why I believe I have not yet jump, as to its intent, but have been jumping and not completeing that task. 1) There is No value in it, really do not want to die, word are lot easier to say, than taking the action.

My real answer though, it has always been, it requires too much effort. And like any effort put into action, it requires work. I would need to go look for a bridge, and where I am living, it will require me to do a lot of driving to find one, that would do the job. That to me is too much work to die, and as long as it, become too much work, I do not think, it is going to make me happy, anytime soon dying that is.

Jumping off the bridge can be, seen in two parts, all will result in some action to do taken. 1) Is about finishing what is, already started. 2) It is about the starting of another or the beginning of one. Both mean the crossing of a place and time in one's life at that moment. The first one end with what is call life; the second is taking the risk at a second chance at continuing what is already going, still being call life.

It also can be used to rebuild the thought bridge that is a, bit worn out and give it further purpose. In thinking as well, someone may need to build that bridge in order to cross or jump.
I believe our body is the only thing we are, guaranteed to keep for an entire lifetime...from birth to death or womb to tomb. Our Creator has made it so, and a very, unique model at that, which also come with a lifetime warranty. If we, all agree on that for some time now...so we cannot change it.

We are also been and being provided with food and water, to maintain it as well. Another thing, between the time you are born and the time you die, of natural causes, we hope; THAT IS YOUR LIFETIME! No product will ever change that reality.

However,  Forever Living Products and Life Force is simply Healthier and Wealthier.... no mistake...Forever Living/Body Balance preserving Life Force is simple stating WHEN and HOW, and in what CONDITION you will leave, this time and place, in other words die or return to where you once came.

Therefore, what you put in is what you get out. The question now is, what have, you been putting in and what have you had so far as a result. What have you to loose, that you have not already lost, in jumping? "Your Health IS for Life" Forever Living Product's and its associates making a Home Place for Your LIFE FORCE to live"

If you do not take, care of your body...who will, and where will you live? "If you know tomorrow; what will you do today?"