Head of Family

Welcome to the continuation of 2015. We the head of "The Aloe Vera Family", of Aloe Vera products, which also can be considered to be your Bodyz Mekanix; sharing liquid gold engineering for keeping you running on the highway to healthy living. We are your end to your beginning to the best feeling you can get, when it comes to us looking after you. We are working with the people at Forever Living Products; we have come together, to help humans to better themselves. From their health to their wealth, by recognizing that all human have a dream; to be healthy, wealthy, and beautiful, fit and most of all fabulous. See more of the family and what we can do for you @www.leep.flp.com

Yes I am known as "Aloe Vera", by humans, as a plant and now turned into a line of products. I too have a dream, to continue to assist humans in that process to achieve their dreams.

According to humans, I the Aloe Vera come's with a history of over 6000 years and counting since we were first introduced, has the story been told by humans. Through my unbound confidence in humans over that time, we have not let them down. In the last 40 years we have been working with and continued to use Forever Living Products. Not only in making a statement of purpose for human benefits, but also as a company, to promote our end product results. Both together we have a plan that recognizes all your humans dreams......to live Life, as it will allow, and to assist you towards their accomplishments.

Daniel Neriah aka Bodyz Mekanix, the voice for Aloe Vera.